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A place for everything, and everything in its place.

Finding order in your home can often lead to more peace in your life.

Let's Meet

I'm Kristin, An Expert in Organizing

A place for everything…


I believe that the things we possess tell a story and hold a meaning. We don’t always want to get rid of our things. But, we do want to find a way to store all our treasured possessions alongside the things that we need day in and day out.


...and everything in its place.


That’s where organizing comes in! I can help you find ways to organize your things so you don't trip every time you walk into a room or have all the ingredients fall on your head each time you reach for the vanilla. I can also help transform a room that has been closed for months or years because things have piled up, and it is too stressful for you to go through it on your own.

Creating Order is a leading professional organizer in the Layton, UT professional organizers directory on


My Services


As a home organizer, I specialize in helping you make your home look and feel great. My services include organizing, decluttering, and preparing a room for another function. I can work on an hour by hour basis or just on one area. Check out the services page to see descriptions and pricing.

Clutter is not just stuff on your floor - it's anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living.

- Peter Walsh


“Kristin has helped me with several organizing projects. I love her approach to taking everything out of a space and putting back only what you need. If it doesn't have a home, toss it.”

Ashley A.

Harrisville, Utah

“Without Kirstin's help, I'd be in trouble. She has found ways to keep me organized and on track. My home is easy to navigate and still holds all the important things.”

Kevin H.

Layton, Utah

“I want to personally endorse and thank Kristin for helping me get my house organized. She was so professional and respectful in how she helped me. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND her to anyone who is needing help with getting organized.”

Sunni S.

Layton, Utah

Check out my other work

My Imperfect Designs 

-Artwork by Kristin-

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